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SNL: Politics, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump Dominate First Episode of Season

SNL: Hillary Clinton Plays a Bartender & Sings [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton appeared in a sketch on the season 41 premiere of “Saturday Night Live” in which she played a bartender named Val, who gave advice to Kate McKinnon, who impersonated Clinton. Watch the video below.

Donald Trump Tweets Praise for Taran Killam, Disses Hillary Clinton Over SNL Sketches

Donald Trump sure has a lot to say — well, tweet — about what went down on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

Taran Killam spoofed the Republican presidential candidate, 69, in the opening sketch of the Oct. 3 show along with Cecily Strong, who played Trump’s wife Melania.

“It’s very simple,” Killam, as Trump, joked. “I get in there, taxes go down, everybody gets a job, salaries go way up, we build a wall, it’s huge. Over in China, they’re going to say, ‘Now, that’s a wall!’”

Strong joked that Trump is just like everybody else. “He puts his hair on one strand at a time,” she said.

And in another sketch, Hillary Clinton joined Kate McKinnon, who played the Democratic candidate. The former Secretary of State, 67, played Val, a bartender who listened to the troubles of McKinnon’s Clinton.

Clinton’s Val poked fun at Trump. “Isn’t he the one that’s like, ‘Ugh, you’re all losers?’” she asked.

Trump tweeted his support on Saturday evening for Killam’s impression of him.

[email protected] plays a way better fake @realDonaldTrump than a real @HillarlyClinton plays herself,” the businessman tweeted.

Clinton also tweeted her praise for McKinnon’s portrayal of her.

“A vote for Hillary is a vote for four more years of Kate impressions,” she tweeted.

Pete Davidson also mocked Trump in the Weekend Update segment, comparing him to former American Idol contestant Sanjaya.

“America needs to stop doing things because it’s funny,” Davidson said. “Now that he’s winning, I have to go out and vote. A Trump presidency is so terrifying. You know who he reminds me of? Sanjaya from American Idol. Same hair, same garbage,” he quipped, as the audience laughed.

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