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Roddy Piper Tribute: They Live

They Live

RIP ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper The news of the death of ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper Friday night has spawned a lot of tributes and appreciation from his fans and peers alike. Piper was best known for his professional wrestling career. He was best known for his work with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, …

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The 10 Best Siskel and Ebert Reviews

Siskel and Ebert

Paying Tribute and Counting Down the 10 Best Siskel and Ebert Reviews I know it may sound strange, but I’m sort of a geek fan of film critics and film criticism. I began reading movie reviews online around the age of 13 (I’m 26 now) through websites like Movies.com, Rotten …

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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Series Review (Including Rogue Nation)

Mission Impossible

An overview/review of all five Mission Impossible films. New Review of Rogue Nation. Overview I’ll be honest up front, I’ve never been familiar with the Mission: Impossible television series that aired on the CBS network from September 1966 to March 1973. The show is a little past my time, and as far as I can tell, …

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SOUTHPAW is not Phenominal


Southpaw is too buried in boxing movie clichés to work. Jake Gyllenhaal is miscast. My Rating: [usr 2] C Southpaw, directed by Antoine Fuqua, borrows from almost every boxing movie cliché out there. The story of a cocky boxer with a good heart, Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal), fails to bring anything new to …

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TERMINATOR GENISYS Fails to Rejuvenate the Franchise

Terminator Genisys

My Rating: [usr 2] C James Cameron is wrong.  Terminator Genisys isn’t the sequel we’ve been waiting for. Hell, we’re probably never going to get a proper sequel since Mr. Cameron currently doesn’t own the rights to his beloved franchise. This isn’t a good twist on an old story, just a really needlessly …

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ANT-MAN Review: Satisfying Small Scale Marvel Entertainment


My Rating: [usr 3] B Led by an appealing performance by Paul Rudd, Ant-Man is an enjoyable, if not spectacular, Marvel film. This is notably smaller scale Marvel entertainment, which these days, is surprisingly refreshing. Ant-Man happens to be the showcase comic book summer movie in a summer not chock full of superheroes. …

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